Absolut Corruption

March 30, 2008

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March 29, 2008

I’m practically “LSS’ed” with Ramiele Malubay’s studio version of “Alone.” The first time I heard it, I was blown away. Really. In fact I even thought it was better than the original. But when she sang it live, it did not sound that great because she was suffering from laryngitis. But heck, it was still that good that she was able to get Simon Cowell’s nod and earned her a ticket to the Top 9. Wow. Way to go, Rami! 😀

Till now I always got by on my own
I never really cared until I met you
And now it chills me to the bone
How do I get you alone
How do I get you alone


Haha. Oh my. I’m really LSS’ed. 😀

The other day, I learned from an online forum which I frequently visit that my favorite PBA team, Magnolia Beverage Masters (MBM), traded their two Atenean players, LA Tenorio and Larry Fonacier, to Alaska Aces for Mike Cortez and the hefty Ken Bono.

I felt disappointed because I felt that Alaska had the better end of the deal. Cortez, now 27, is already past his prime and just recently had recuperated from an ACL injury. Bono, well in fairness to him, he was not given ample playing time to prove his worth so I would just give him the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, Tenorio had a good conference and he has shown that he can be the next go-to pointguard of the team. Fonacier, like Bono, was not given enough playing time after he was traded by Red Bull to MBM but he has a Rookie of the Year plum to brag about. So, needless to say, he has already proven his worth.

Just now, I learned that there are rumors that Cortez will just serve as a trade bait for MBM. Talk N Text (TNT) coach Chot Reyes has his eyes on Cortez and was rumored that he offered his pointguard, Jimmy Alapag, for Cortez but Alaska declined the offer. So what MBM reportedly did, they shipped Tenorio and Fonacier (whom Alaska coach Tim Cone was reportedly dying to have) to Alaska so they could have Cortez and possibly, trade Cortez (and Bono) for Alapag (and a future first round pick).

That actually sounds good to me. If ever that a trade between MBM and TNT pushes through, we would now have Alapag (who, IMHO, a better pointguard than Cortez and Tenorio) and a future first round pick (the 08 draft pick offers a pool of talented players like Gabe Norwood, Jervy Cruz, and Rob Reyes among others). Also, we don’t need a hefty player in Ken Bono since the MBM frontline already has a surplus of his kind.

But those were just plain rumors so I won’t celebrate yet. Hehe. What we now have is Mike “the-freakin’-cool-cashin’-cat” Cortez and Ken “I’m-so-heavy-I-can-be-a-sumo-wrestler-aready” Bono. *sighs*

Just another day

March 23, 2008

Last Wednesday, March 19, I celebrated my, uhum, 22nd birthday. OMG. I’m freakin’ 22 years old already. Waha.

Well, it was just like any other ordinary day. Ceteris paribus, it was just the birthday greetings from my friends, family, relatives, and co-workers that made the day somewhat different. Constantly pondering about it, I realized that those birthdays I celebrated after my 18th “I-feel-oh-so-special” birthday was just like, well… an almost typical day. And I wondered why.

When I was a child, just the thought of celebrating my birthday always excites me. March 19 was always different. A special one. It should be a special one. And it always was.

I was sort of depressed so I consulted my bestfriend Nix about it. She just gave me a plain and simple explanation yet it hit me. She told me that it’s normal because we’re not getting any younger. On our childhood years, the older people were the ones making our birthdays special. And now, it is our turn.

It is now my turn to make not only my younger sisters but also my parents special on their birthdays. I realized I should stop drowning myself on the “I-don’t-feel-so-important-on-my-birthdays-anymore” thought but on the “how-could-I-make-my-loved-ones-special-on-their-birthdays” one.

Signs of maturity? Maybe this is an indication that, yes, I’m getting older.

And maybe, better.

1. No matter how Manny “Money” Pacquiao thinks highly of himself, he will bow down to Juan Manual Marquez this Sunday.

2. On national TV, whiner Pacquiao will be making a lame excuse for his loss. It will neither be about his socks that gave him blisters on his feet in his first fight against Morales nor his “too soft” gloves. This time, he will put the blame on his boxing shorts which does not contain company logos anymore but the faces of Malacanang people who are implicated in the recent scandals hounding the administration. Pacquaio, at last, will acknowledge the bad luck these people are bringing to him.

3. Pacquiao fanatics, who are still in a state of shock, will believe their idol’s explanation regarding the loss. After all, misery needs company.

4. Some politicians, even if they are in dire need of publicity for whatever reason, will not go up in the boxing ring to hug and cheer up the beaten Pacquiao. This will be different to what Chavit Singson et all (FG Arroyo also included) did on a fight Pacquiao won wherein the jubilated politicians were almost in tears hugging the boxer (as if they were the ones who boxed) and were trying to find the cameras so that their faces would be viewed in a better angle.

5. Pacquiao’s face will still be all over GMA-7 shows . This will definitely be an overkill.

6. With the loss, Pacquiao will have thoughts on running in the 2010 elections as a Senator.

* Some exaggerations included.


Well, I really hope Pacquiao will lose this Sunday’s match against Marquez. The guy is just unbelievably… uhh… Never mind. I hate seeing Malacanang people using Pacquaio’s popularity. Not that I’m concerned with Pacquiao. The thing is, this government just mastered the art of using everything to their advantage. Me thinks that a Pacquiao win this weekend will edge out the calls for ouster /resignation on the president.

My new blog

March 10, 2008


This is my new blog. This is already fifth in my collection. Among the five that I have, only one is currently active. Haha. Honestly, I just got curious as to why many people I know own a blog here in WordPress. Since almost everything here in cyberspace is for free, it is sometimes, and I repeat, SOMETIMES justifiable to use (and eventually abuse?) everything it has to offer. Hehe.

Well I guess all I am trying to say is like any other pardoned prisoner, I would like to start a new life, err, I mean a new blog and try not to be too lazy to write on it.

So there. Starting today here in the wilderness of WordPress, I am writing anything about me – my rants, thoughts, cravings, hallucinations, dreams, etc.

Happy blogging, Tin!