My new blog

March 10, 2008


This is my new blog. This is already fifth in my collection. Among the five that I have, only one is currently active. Haha. Honestly, I just got curious as to why many people I know own a blog here in WordPress. Since almost everything here in cyberspace is for free, it is sometimes, and I repeat, SOMETIMES justifiable to use (and eventually abuse?) everything it has to offer. Hehe.

Well I guess all I am trying to say is like any other pardoned prisoner, I would like to start a new life, err, I mean a new blog and try not to be too lazy to write on it.

So there. Starting today here in the wilderness of WordPress, I am writing anything about me – my rants, thoughts, cravings, hallucinations, dreams, etc.

Happy blogging, Tin!


3 Responses to “My new blog”

  1. bryant Says:

    wow. new blog. welcome again to the blogosphere. 😛

  2. JB Santos Says:

    Nice tin, happy blogging. 😉

  3. Tin Says:

    To sir bryant and sir bimbo, tenks! 😀

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