A fearless prophecy on Pacquiao’s fight

March 13, 2008

1. No matter how Manny “Money” Pacquiao thinks highly of himself, he will bow down to Juan Manual Marquez this Sunday.

2. On national TV, whiner Pacquiao will be making a lame excuse for his loss. It will neither be about his socks that gave him blisters on his feet in his first fight against Morales nor his “too soft” gloves. This time, he will put the blame on his boxing shorts which does not contain company logos anymore but the faces of Malacanang people who are implicated in the recent scandals hounding the administration. Pacquaio, at last, will acknowledge the bad luck these people are bringing to him.

3. Pacquiao fanatics, who are still in a state of shock, will believe their idol’s explanation regarding the loss. After all, misery needs company.

4. Some politicians, even if they are in dire need of publicity for whatever reason, will not go up in the boxing ring to hug and cheer up the beaten Pacquiao. This will be different to what Chavit Singson et all (FG Arroyo also included) did on a fight Pacquiao won wherein the jubilated politicians were almost in tears hugging the boxer (as if they were the ones who boxed) and were trying to find the cameras so that their faces would be viewed in a better angle.

5. Pacquiao’s face will still be all over GMA-7 shows . This will definitely be an overkill.

6. With the loss, Pacquiao will have thoughts on running in the 2010 elections as a Senator.

* Some exaggerations included.


Well, I really hope Pacquiao will lose this Sunday’s match against Marquez. The guy is just unbelievably… uhh… Never mind. I hate seeing Malacanang people using Pacquaio’s popularity. Not that I’m concerned with Pacquiao. The thing is, this government just mastered the art of using everything to their advantage. Me thinks that a Pacquiao win this weekend will edge out the calls for ouster /resignation on the president.


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