Just another day

March 23, 2008

Last Wednesday, March 19, I celebrated my, uhum, 22nd birthday. OMG. I’m freakin’ 22 years old already. Waha.

Well, it was just like any other ordinary day. Ceteris paribus, it was just the birthday greetings from my friends, family, relatives, and co-workers that made the day somewhat different. Constantly pondering about it, I realized that those birthdays I celebrated after my 18th “I-feel-oh-so-special” birthday was just like, well… an almost typical day. And I wondered why.

When I was a child, just the thought of celebrating my birthday always excites me. March 19 was always different. A special one. It should be a special one. And it always was.

I was sort of depressed so I consulted my bestfriend Nix about it. She just gave me a plain and simple explanation yet it hit me. She told me that it’s normal because we’re not getting any younger. On our childhood years, the older people were the ones making our birthdays special. And now, it is our turn.

It is now my turn to make not only my younger sisters but also my parents special on their birthdays. I realized I should stop drowning myself on the “I-don’t-feel-so-important-on-my-birthdays-anymore” thought but on the “how-could-I-make-my-loved-ones-special-on-their-birthdays” one.

Signs of maturity? Maybe this is an indication that, yes, I’m getting older.

And maybe, better.


2 Responses to “Just another day”

  1. onthewritetrack Says:

    I hate celebrating my birthday.. I don’t know why.. wahahaha 😀

  2. Tin Says:

    Maybe you hate the thought that you’re one year older. Hehe. Well, at least for me, I always feel that way. Parang nafi-feel ko I did not make the most out of the past year. *sniff* Hehehe.

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