Crossed fingers

April 2, 2008

After watching Ramiele Malubay’s performance in the Dolly Parton week here, after reading Rickey’s “the influential blogger when it comes to reality shows” blog site here, and after seeing the results of’s predictions here, I’m scared that Ramiele will be eliminated tomorrow.

IMHO, her rendition of Parton’s “Do I ever crossed your mind” was pretty okay. But if I’m going to compare it with how other contestants performed, Ramiele’s was… well, she played safe. Others are already stepping up their game and Ramiele is not. Sad.

Anyway, I still don’t like to see Ramiele get booted out tomorrow. I want to watch her perform on Mariah week and choose a song that will showcase her big voice (like when she chose Heart’s “Alone” last week). I want to see her give an excellent performance before she gets eliminated.

A Syesha or Kristy Cook eviction sounds great! 😀

* Me crosses fingers*


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