Super Converter

April 6, 2008

When I was watching some videos on YouTube later this afternoon, I found myself dead curious on how to convert YouTube videos (which are in FLV format) to DPG so I can watch those in my Nintendo DS. Actually, I wanted to go about the file conversion thing long ago but I was too lazy to read a handful of tutorials. So there.

Good thing that when curiosity hit me earlier, I immediately found this reliable converter – the Super Converter. I was impressed by the reviews so I immediately downloaded it here.

The Super Converter allows anyone to convert anything to anything as it supports ANY multimedia file. It includes those file formats in iPod, Zune, PSP/PS3, MP4, DVD, VCD, PocketPC, and Nintendo DS. One thing I loved about it is the fact that it is FREE. Yes. You can download and use the full working version for FREE. The converted videos will not contain the annoying watermark of the company logo. Hehe. Basically, your input is your output – garbage in, garbage out.

Just a while ago, I tried to use the converter and see if it works. I downloaded three Ramiele Malubay videos from YouTube (A Ramiele fanatic? I’m still LSS’ed! LOL) thru Vixy which instantly downloads and converts videos directly from the web. Vixy, however, does not support videos in DPG format so I had to convert FLV to AVI first (thru Vixy), then AVI to DPG (thru Super Converter). Good thing, Vixy did not disappoint me. 😀

After that, Super Converter comes into the limelight. When I opened the progmam, I was impressed with the interface. It is very user-friendly and is just plain simple. You got the video and audio settings on the top and the playlist at the bottom. Here’s a screenshot:

Super Converter

For a bigger and clearer picture, click here.

Unfortunately, I did not like the output the first time I converted the videos. The video and the audio were out-of-sync. I was a bit irritated since it took me some 20 minutes to convert the videos. But well, I thought it was still worth a try. So what I did, I just tinkered the frames/sec setting and changed it to 18 and converted the videos again. And surprisingly, it came out great! The videos, however, were a little bit pixelated and the later parts were a ” super nano” bit out-of-synch, but heck, I can forgive that! 😀

So for those people who want to convert their multimedia files, Super Converter is the way to go. I have tried so many converters before but I was not satisfied with the output. This one is definitely worth your try.


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