Games galore!

April 27, 2008

One thing I loved about this weekend is that I got to play the games on my Nintendo DS Lite that I wanted to play before but did not have the time to. Or maybe I was just too lazy since most of them are in series so you have to spend some time to follow the story. Well, I found myself playing the same game all over again (read: Mario Kart, Mario Kart, Mario Kart). Sadly, I realized that I am getting bored with the gadget.

But do not get me wrong. The Nintendo DS game library is filled with great great great games that will definitely overwhelm you. It is just a matter of finding time out of a busy schedule to play. And with a game library like that, a new DS gamer may need a one year vacation leave to finish his/her backlogs. Hehe.

So there, to change my monotonous gaming experience, this weekend I tried to play my ‘backlogs’ and the new games that came out recently. Here are the two games among those that I tried that I got hooked on.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

This is the first installment in the Phoenix Wright series. In this game, you are a defense lawyer in a spiky-haired man named Phoenix Wright. There are many cases that you have to work on as you defend various clients. I just finished playing Episode 4 where I successfully defended actor Will Powers who was accused of killing his co-star. Hehe.

In this game, you go to the scene of the crime to find pieces of evidence, interview people who can provide vital info for your case, and of course, you get to defend your client in the court room and shout ‘OBJECTION!’ You really have to use your brain here to win.

The World Ends With You

This is anime, artwork, action, music, plot, and gameplay rolled into one interesting game. You play the character of Neku who finds himself stuck in Shibuya district of Tokyo. You receive a message telling you that you only have seven freakin’ days to live. If you want to survive. you have to clear the missions given to you by the grim reapers. You have no choice but to play their game as your survival depends on it.

What is really fun here is that you have a so-called psychic scanning system that you can use to read other character’s mind and obtain info. You can use this to uncover hidden enemies in the city that you have to defeat. You battle your enemies (mostly dinosaur look-a-likes and frogs and other weird creatures) by using different ‘pins’.


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