April 28, 2008

*was tagged by Dwight

1. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
2. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
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  • It was my first time to go to a zoo when I was already in 4th year college. We went to Malabon Zoo to make a documentary for our NASC 7 class (Animal and Society?). Haha. When I was in grade school, I was not allowed by my mom to join field trips wherein the destinations were zoos and ordinary museums (maybe because she thought it would not be worth it). The X-Deal??? We just eat outside. In Jollibee, as far as I remember. And I was happy with it. Hehe.
  • I am a big basketball fan. I am hooked more to the PBA than the NBA. I started to be a bball fan in 1995 when my Kuya and I were watching the Alaska vs Sunkist finals. And because of my penchant for the sport, I also had the fondness to play bball. Mind you, I am a good three-point shooter. Hehehe.
  • I eat a lot. Right now, I am addicted to sweets (candies, chocolates, etc.) and junk foods (I’m always craving for Oishi Ridges sour cream flavor). Yeah, I know, they are bad for our health.
  • I am starting to like photography. During weekends, I always browse online forums on photography, trying to learn more about the craft. I also enjoy viewing great pictures taken by amateur photographers. Right now, I am planning to buy a camera (either Canon S5IS or Nikon D40) but I still do not have enough budget for that. If I just know which bank to rob… Hehe.
  • People who do not know me personally always think of me as someone who is serious and snob. Hehe. I do not know why. Is it because of my facial structure or what??? Hehe. I honestly do not know. I am just not into mingling with other people whom I do not really know yet. I guess I just do not want to be tagged as FC (Feeling Close). Yeah, I am always a shy (and serious?) person… at first.
  • I always get frustrated when I hang out with my friends in videoke bars or in their homes while singing in their ever-reliable Magic Sing. Why? Because I do not know how to sing. Poor me. Yeah, I always wanted to learn how to sing… not just to sing but to sing well. If God will give me the option to trade some of my talents for singing, hell yeah, I will be more than willing to accept it. Hehehe.
  • I fear that I will become a journeyman. I already had three jobs and it was just like last year when I graduated! First was with Convergys. I was not happy there though I was earning much. So I resigned. Second was with ExplorAsia where I worked as a Competitive Intelligence Researcher. All was well at first until something important came out and I had to resign. The third and current one is with Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility where I am working as a staff writer. I would like to think that well… so far, so good. I do hope I can stick it out here for a year so, but I wonder if they can do the same with me. Hehehe.
  • I love the rainy season… even if it makes me sad.
  • My bestfriend Nix and I are planning to put up a shirt business someday. We are going to sell shirts that will carry developmental messages on it. Something about climate change, being aware of the current events, or maybe as simple as recycling.
  • Aside from video games, I am also into showbiz. Hehe. Yeah. I like gossips. I like sharing it with my friends.


one: Epi
two: Nix
three: Ate Arb
four: Karen
five: Berna
six: Sir Bimbo

seven: Ate Abee
eight: Raizza
nine: Patty ni Epi
ten: Zen


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