I can’t believe San Miguel Beer (SMB) traded away their first draft pick (third over-all) to Talk N’ Text (TNT) for Jay Washington. Was it worth it? I mean, you gave up the chance of landing a Jason Castro for JUST JWash. Naman. Having Castro in the line-up means SMB already has a sureball pointguard in him. Someone who can instantly fill Olsen Racela’s shoes once the veteran playmaker retires. Someone not in the league of cool-cashing, inconsistent Mike Cortez who can be dispensable once they get Castro. This trade won’t definitely make any sense if there’s no one else included.

Hay, SMB. You never cease to amaze me. I cannot believe I will be cheering for JWash next season.


New DS?

August 5, 2008

For those who just recently bought their Nintendo DS lite, would you feel stupid for not holding your horses?

Michael Pachter, a research analyst for Wedbush Morgan, predicted that the successor to the Nintendo DS lite could be known this year since the demand for the handheld continues to decline in Japan.

“DS sales are solid worldwide, but are weak in Japan, leading us to expect an introduction of a new device in Japan before the end of the calendar year,” Pachter said in an investor note.

There has actually been a spate of rumors of the new DS that came out. One said that a new DS will be introduced at the recently held E3. Nintendo denied it, and yes, after E3, there was no DS redesign.

The question is… Would Nintendo introduce a new DS as early as this year despite the fact that the DS lite is selling very well in the United States and in Europe? Would they piss off their American and European consumers just to appease and satisfy the Japanese ones?

Ayway, this is one of the many rumored DS redesign that came out. It is very compact and stylish but it looks like a remote control for me. I don’t know.