Earn big time with Odesk

October 22, 2008

These are the jobs available:

Data Entry
Article Writing/Blogging
Website Designing
Graphic Designing
Programming and many more!

With Odesk, you can opt to be paid either in fixed rate or per hour (which guarantees your payment from your client). For hourly jobs, you have to download Odesk tools which will capture screen shots while you are working on a project. It will automatically create a “work diary” in your account which will be sent to your client. For more info, just visit Odesk‘s site.

I got a book editing project from Odesk last August just after I resigned from CMFR. It was an hourly job. Initially, my starting rate was $3.90. After a round of work, my client set my rate to $5.50. It was a fun task and my client is very nice and great to work with. After I finished formatting and editing the book manuscript, he asked if I can also do the book cover since he saw in my resume that I’m also into graphic designing.  So there. I earned a pretty high salary from that project (something close to four digits in dollars).

Landing a great project just takes a lot of patience and prayers. Just don’t be disappointed if for few weeks you get rejected by a number of prospective clients. Just build your profile and cover letter. If it helps (and I think it really does), you can set your hourly rate lower- maybe something around $2.50- just to keep up with the competition. (Some Indians actually bid $1… and that’s just too low.) When invited for an interview (usually on YM or Skype), just work on how to sell yourself. Flaunt whatever skill you have.

This is a great source of income for those who need a full-time/part-time work.

To apply:

After you click this banner:

1. Click create an account
2. Then click the button for Freelance Provider – I want to earn money as an independent contractor
3. Fill-up the form
4. Complete your profile, make it 100%
5. Take the required exam
6. Choose your payment method (paypal, debit card)
7. Find Jobs
8. Apply to jobs
9. Accept Interview


2 Responses to “Earn big time with Odesk”

  1. lezette Says:

    Nice, interesting. I already have an account, but I still need to complete the exam… How did you find the exam pala?

  2. Tin Says:

    The oDesk readiness test is quite easy (though I took the exam twice. Hehe.) You are provided with links naman kasi with the answers on them. You just have to be patient and read the web pages. Yun lang. You’re also given more than enough time to finish answering the questions.

    The first try, I got so lazy that was why I failed. Hehe. 😀

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