“Si Raul O” does it again!

October 23, 2008

How stupid can this old man get?

PBA commish befuddled at suggestion to file charges vs ‘physical’ players
10/20/2008 | 09:14 PM

MANILA, Philippines – The league has enough rules to police physical play, Philippine Basketball Association commissioner Sonny Barrios assured Monday in response to a report that the government would push for the filing of criminal charges against basketball players who commit hard fouls during games.

Justice secretary Raul Gonzalez said in two separate radio reports that he would recommend for the PBA to file physical injuries on players who intend to hurt their opponents in a game that is widely accepted as “physical” in nature.

Barrios was left dumbfounded by the suggestion.

Read more here.

What we see here is a proposed government intervention on how professional basketball should be played in our country. Basketball is a contact sport and one cannot avoid being hurt from the physicality of the game. Imposing something like that would just make the players play soft and sissy. PBA sure knows how to self-police its ranks. What Gonzalez has in mind is just plain stupidity. Filing of criminal charges? I mean, seriously?!

Now I’d like to know what the good (/me sarcastic) secretary thinks about boxing. Isn’t it a game “that is widely accepted as ‘physical’ in nature”? And that’s even worse in terms of the physicality of the sport.

I’ve already seen so many trapos in sports (e.g. Pichay). Tama na ang isa pa especially in the mold of Gonzalez. The Philippines’ justice system has many issues to deal with. Sana huwag na makisawsaw si Gonzalez sa PBA and rather do something for the betterment of our rotten justice system. But wait, how can he do that if he himself, as Justice Secretary, is one of the problems?


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