Cd-r king’s Customer (dis)service

November 8, 2008

I was heading on my usual way after getting out of the office at 4:30 pm yesterday. Since it was a Friday and ergo, no work the next day, I decided to go to SM Bicutan (which was only a few minute walk away from the office) to buy a card reader to replace my busted thumb drive.

It was close to 4:45 pm when I arrived there. Where else would I buy a PC related item? Syempre, cd-r king, mainly because of the inexpensively priced items. When I got there, there was a tolerable number of customers falling in line. Surprisingly, cd-r king now has a “system”. You get a disc which contains your “number”. Got mine and it reads “8”.

So there. I waited. Since I left my DS lite at home, I just kept myself busy looking at the other items that cd-r king sells. That was enough to make me forget time.

Well, not quite. When I heard an obviously irked customer cursed, I looked at my watch that reads “5:30”. Then suddenly, one of the salesladies shouted, “number 2!”

At that point, the crowd “went wild”. In unison, we exclaimed, “Tangina, number 2 pa lang?!” That was more likely the scene, of course, sans the cursing.

Well, to cut the long story short, it was already 6pm when I got my turn. It took me an eternity (almost!) just to buy a cheapo card reader. I would have actually had more patience if, for example, there were just two salesladies attending to customers. But that was not the case. There were many of them. Most of the salesladies were obviously chit-chatting with each other, forgetful of a number of anxious customers waiting in line. In Filipino slang, petiks.

I really don’t know why almost all cd-r king outlets have that kind of staff. Most of them are also not knowledgeable with the products they sell. I can, however, forgive that since I know that I know better than them (SOP: Know an item first before buying it). But waiting in line for more than an hour and you see that almost all salesladies were petiks? That’s just unforgivable.

Got the item cheap, but what gives? What was something in return? Anxiety.

True enough, you really get what you pay for. And it does not only apply to the quality of the item per se, but also to the quality of the customer service a store gives to its customers.


2 Responses to “Cd-r king’s Customer (dis)service”

  1. lezette Says:

    Hi, just stumbled in your journal. Cdrking has the worst system in the world – if they just discarded the tables that separated the customers and the products, then it would be better. I don’t understand why they have to make the customers wait in line and service them one by one when majority of tech stores have products on tables and shelves, which the customers can pick up and pay for on the counter. If they’re so anal about security, then why don’t they let those annoying sales ladies tail every customer in their shopping? Kung di lang mura products nila, I’m sure, many people would prefer other shops over theirs.

  2. Tin Says:

    ^Hi Lezette! Most computer peripherals stores like Octagon employ what you suggested. With that kind of setup, customers can test their products right then and there. Siguro kaya hindi ginagawa ito ng cd-r king is also because of the lack of technically knowledgeable staff.

    Thanks for the comment, btw. 😀

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