Pacquiao does an Obama

December 7, 2008

Like  an underdog Obama winning the fight against a seasoned McCain, Manny Pacquiao proved a number of boxing analysts and spectators wrong as he toppled the Golden boy Oscar Dela Hoya with a technical knock-out in their fight last Dec. 7.

The Cutest Punching Bag

Prior to what was regarded as the “dream match”, I thought Dela Hoya’s heft and height would be the Mexican-American’s edge against the smaller and lighter Pacquiao. I too was surprised came the actual event when Dela Hoya looked like a poor boy who did not know exactly what to do.

And at one point, I realized that Dela Hoya was actually the cutest punching bag I have ever seen.

Politicos on the loose

As what has already been a tradition after every Pacquiao fight, a number of traditional politicians (Pacquiao’s partymates in KAMPI) went up in the boxing ring and celebrated with the boxer. Obviously, these trapos were too conscious they always find ways to get into the scene and have some photo ops with Pacquiao.

With the 2010 election just around the corner, I am not surprised why these politicos exert so much effort to gain some sort of publicity.

Anyway, one has to really give due credit to Pacquiao not only for defeating a former Olympic champion, but also for showing to the world that a lot of our “public servants” were too busy watching and campaigning with the Filipino boxer, instead of doing their jobs back home. In a post game interview, Pacquiao said something like, “I wanna thank all the congressmen and all the mayors with me right now who supported me. Ang laki ng bonus natin kay Ma’am sa pagkamatay ng impeachment complaint! Woohoo! Tara na sa Vegas at madami na tayong pang Casino!

(Chavit Singson not in the photo below)

Next big event

The next Pacquiao-Dela Hoya event that I’m looking forward to is not actually a rematch… rather, a TV spot promoting a San Miguel product.

…ala, “Weeala keahng keeatuuleaad, Mehnny.”


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