FOR SALE: Minolta Film SLR with Minolta 5400 HS Flash and Vivitar Lens

December 30, 2008

Hi! I’m selling my father’s Minolta Film SLR. Here is the package:

1. Minolta Dynax 700si
2. Minolta 5400 HS TTL (with leather casing and stand. Made in Japan)
3. Vivitar AF 28-210mm 1:3.5-5.6 (complete with front and rear caps. with lens hood and Raydawn Japan made UV filter. Made in Japan)
4. Yashica SLR bag (Made in Japan)
5. OpTech USA camera strap
6. Camera manual


1. Bought abroad in 2002 for more than $1,500.
2. Used only once in 2005 for my photography class back in college. My father wanted to be a photography enthusiast that was why he bought the system before he retired. But for some reasons, he did not use it (maybe he lacked the passion).
3. Was only stored in the Yashica bag with some silica gels.
4. Has a major crack in the grip area (what’s that called? rubber grip ata or something). When I used it in 2005, the exterior was in mint condition and can even be likened to a brand new unit. Then I stored it again in the bag. When I checked it in 2007, ayun na. I saw the cracks. The rubber grip feels so malambot. Honestly, I don’t know what’s the cause. It did not fall naman when I used it. Ganun ata talaga ‘pag plastic made. I’ll check if it can still have a make-over of some sorts. Hehe. May rubber grip replacement ata. I’ll check. Other than that, ok naman ang exterior.
5. Items were never dropped.
6. Just tested it right now and it still works. 🙂

Reasons for selling:

1. Cam gear not used.
2. Papa needs money to fund his small business.
3. A little amount from this sale will be used to fund my future DSLR. Unfortunately, the lens and the flash are only compatible with Sony Alpha dslrs and I’m gearing towards buying a Nikon. I can however keep this as a collection, but it would be too expensive of a collection at that. Hehe.

Price: Asking price is P14,998. Still negotiable. Items can be sold separately depending on the offer. My priority though is selling it as a package.

Interested? Have some questions you want to ask? Just give me a buzz. YM id is krijtin. 🙂

Sample pictures:

More pictures here.


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