Six months of workout

January 20, 2009

My bestfriend and I formed a “pact” today. An agreement that will make us leaner and healthier after six months by having a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Understanding its significance and timeliness is not a rocket science especially when THE tummy bulged and is currently measuring 3_ inches.  Hehehe.

I’m already looking forward to the month of July when I can already reap the benefits of this six months of  necessary agony. With the help of my bestfriend, of course. 😀

Timeframe: January 29, 2009 to July 2009

Target physical measurements:

Waistline: 26-27 inches (relaxed stomach, morning)

Weight: 100-115 lbs.

Physical Activities:

1. Jogging at least twice a week, for 15 minutes (no exemptions for this since you can always make at least two days available for this activity ahead of time)

2. Do 15-count sit-ups every morning, increasing by three counts per week

3. Do at least 10 jumping jacks every morning, increasing by two counts per week.

Eating conditions:

1. Gradually limit rice intake. 1st two months: 1 ½ rice; 3rd month onwards: 1 cup of rice (special occasions are exceptions)

2. Consume one cup of rice, at most, during dinner

3. Limit sweet (three items per week, at most), junkfood (at most, three packs per week), and soft drink (3 glasses a week, at most) intake.

4. Drink a minimum of five glasses of water a day.

5. Drink a glass of water before sleeping and after waking up.

6. Eat at least one fruit everyday, if available

7. After eating a meal, do not sit for at least 20 mins.

8. When available at the table, eat fish and vegetables


1. Sleep early. Latest should be at 12am.

2. Wake-up 8:30 in the morning, at the latest

3. Never ever smoke


* Exemptions: sick (for physical activities) or menstrual period; If there are appointments to attend to, do at least 20 sit-ups.


1. P50 fine for every missed activity and condition

2. Targets not met within six months shall cause a fine of P500

3. Quitting the program shall cause a fine of P1000


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