Anoop got the boot

April 25, 2009

My American idol bet Anoop Desai has been eliminated from the show, together with fellow contestant Lil Rounds as part of the double-elimination week.


I agree with Rickey‘s observation. Anoop got robbed… again. Matt shouldn’t have been saved last week after his atrocious rendition of  “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman“. And how about his “Staying Alive” performance wherein he couldn’t pull flawless falsettos and smooth riffs and runs? Sir Bitter was correct when he said that Matt was “ staying the fuck alive“. Not that I’m bashing other contestants. I just think Anoop deserves to stay longer than Matt (and even Danny Offkey Gokey).

From a religious follower of the show since Top 36, I saw Anoop’s elimination coming. It was really something expected. TPTB has something against Anoop. From the judges’ comments, the exposure given to Anoop, to Seacrest’s leading questions, etc. etc. As’s Michael Slezak put it, “Anoop never seemed to get much respect from the Idol machine “. He was always un- and underappreciated. He was this season’s “designated punching bag”. Thank you, TPTB. So much for your manipulation this season.

Anyway, here is Anoop performing “True Colors” and “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)“, two of his best perfs.

Now I’m done watching this show. Sucks to know there would no longer be studio recordings of Anoop to download and listen to. I guess I should stick to the ones I have plus his Clef Hanger videos while waiting for his future album.

Photo from Fox


My first photo shoot EB

April 14, 2009

Last Easter Sunday, I attended a photo shoot EB held at UPLB. The shoot was organized by PiPho folks living in Laguna, the province where I’m residing in. At first, I was hesitant to join given my lack of technical knowledge and well.. gears. (I still don’t have any flash unit and I’m still currently using D40’s kit lens on my D80 body).  Armed with my curiosity and hunger for a shoot (together with my mini gears), I decided to give it a try. And wow. I really had so much fun learning from the masters and fellow newbies. Here’s our group hug photo:


And another one:


So as you can see, I’m the lone girl in the group. Thus, it is now my fervent hope to recruit another one. Hehe.


April 3, 2009

Megan Joy Corkrey has been eliminated from American Idol. I felt sooner or later, she would definitely get the boot out in this pretending-to-be-a-singing-competition that is AI… but not before Scott. I just can’t believe Scott “the overstaying blind man and mediocre singer who’s just there because of sympathy votes” is still up in the running. Wow.

Anyway, now that she’s gone in the show, I’ll miss her quirkiness, unique voice, and crazy antics. VFTW folks will definitely miss her too. The CAW CAW, her flipping, her weird dancing… everything. And one of the things that set her apart from other contestants is her devil-may-care attitude. Megan Joy does not care what the producers and judges think. She refuses to be pigeonholed as the “package artist” they want her to be. Contrary to other contestants (maybe except for Anoop Desai), Megan has the courage to give the judges a dose of their own medicine.

Just an excerpt from her Entertainment Weekly interview:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It seems like you performed the song way more in the judges’ faces last night than you did on Tuesday night. Was that a big F.U. to them?

MEGAN JOY: Yeah, I was ready to be right in their faces. They have a habit of talking to each other while we sing. That’s so rude.

Photo by FOX