My first photo shoot EB

April 14, 2009

Last Easter Sunday, I attended a photo shoot EB held at UPLB. The shoot was organized by PiPho folks living in Laguna, the province where I’m residing in. At first, I was hesitant to join given my lack of technical knowledge and well.. gears. (I still don’t have any flash unit and I’m still currently using D40’s kit lens on my D80 body).  Armed with my curiosity and hunger for a shoot (together with my mini gears), I decided to give it a try. And wow. I really had so much fun learning from the masters and fellow newbies. Here’s our group hug photo:


And another one:


So as you can see, I’m the lone girl in the group. Thus, it is now my fervent hope to recruit another one. Hehe.


2 Responses to “My first photo shoot EB”

  1. captainkimo Says:

    Did you take this photo or are you the only girl in the picture… lol. Glad to see you out shooting, practice makes perfect.

  2. Tin Says:

    Hi Kimo! Yep, I’m the only girl in the photo. LOL. The guy in white at the farthest left in the second photo took this shot. He had set it up of course with his tripod.

    And yes, I’m following your advice to learn on the get go. And it is really fun. 😀

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