Goodbye, President Cory!

August 5, 2009

Let me make the most our of my little space in the cyberworld to extend my heartfelt appreciation to our former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino, who just passed away last August 1.

I may not be a fan of the Cory Aquino administration mainly because of the Mendiola massacre and also with what happened in Hacienda Luisita back in 2004. But just the thought of her genuine love and care for Filipinos made me like her as a person and a former leader.

While the whole family was locked in to ANC during the whole coverage of the funeral of President Cory, my mom and dad were reminiscing the good (and bad) ‘ol days, circa 1986. I was still in my mom’s tummy in February 1986 when Edsa 1 happened. My mom said she was so afraid that time.  Tanks in the streets. Armed men roaming around. Among others.

But thanks to President Cory. For having the courage to challenge the Marcos administration. And ultimately, for uniting the Filipinos. My parents said they can’t imagine how the Philippines is right now if it weren’t for President Cory. She was just a “plain housewife” who rose to the occasion when many people asked her to run and lead the country. And she bravely responded.

Many said the show of overwhelming love and support of thousands of people during the funeral procession was like Ninoy’s funeral in 1983 all over again. I think Jim Paredes aptly explained it. That “Ninoy’s funeral was what it was because of how he died. Cory’s is what it is because of how she lived”. President Cory truly had a life well-lived.

How I wish President Cory is still alive and once again be instrumental in a transition government – from a fake democracy to a real one. But on the flip side, I guess she has already done her part. And we now have to do ours and continue what she had started 23 years ago.

Headshot taken from PCIJ website


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