Korean Nintendo Wii Mii and Photo Channel Error – FIXED!

August 22, 2009

I was really happy and ecstatic when FINALLY I was able to fix the Mii and Photo channels in my Korean Nintendo Wii. I was not able to use them before as I kept getting “This channel can’t be used” error upon entering the said channels.

But thank God I found this site. JOKERz‘s instructions were right on the spot. His instructions are very clear. For my case, instead of using the Wii homebrew Channel File Manager to delete the appropriate system channel titles, I opted to use Any Title Deleter which can be downloaded here. All was well and now I can finally create Mii characters! 🙂


The next step now is to install a USB loader on my Wii.  I have been longing to save homebrew games and applications on my newly bought Western Digital My Passport 320GB HDD. With a USB loader, Wii can read games from the HDD thus, saving a lot of work from the Wii lens.

However, installing a Nintendo Wii USB loader  seems to be a very challenging procedure. Time to read another set of Nintendo Wii tutorials. LOL


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