Different line-up, same results.

The UP Fighting Maroons Men’s Basketball Team bowed down to the De La Salle Green Archers in the first game of the UAAP season 73 after being  blown out by 18 big points. This is nothing new; the Maroons have always lost this bad in season openers anyway.

Bad ball movement, lack of plays, strings of turnovers. The horrendous performance of the team was just a total eyesore. Surely, a lackluster and dismal showing is not a good way to start their campaign.

What made this loss very disappointing was the fact that the team already has the tools. During the off season, they only lost one important player in Arvin Braganza but they got key acquisitions in Fil-American hotshot Mike Silungan and the very promising Joshua Saret who once scored 89 markers in a game in his highschool career. And the Maroons still have key veterans Woody Co, Martin Reyes,  and Magi Sison to beef up their roster.

But in this game, it seems like the Maroons weren’t able to live up to the hype. Heck, their game was just as horrible as Yutien Andrada‘s face (okay, that’s a bad joke, sorry). Sure we saw some flashes of brilliance in Saret’s game and Silungan really looks like the real deal. But the overall performance of the Maroons sucked. And it sucked big time.

And I’m particular with Coach Aboy Castro’s system… or maybe the lack of it. The players look lost and shooters like Reyes and Silungan were forced to create their own shots, resorting to 1-on-1 plays. Little did we see some plays set for them. If the Maroons will play their next games running a “system” they have just employed, maybe we can expect a season finish similar to what they had in 2007. A freaking 0-14.

Anyway, is this a telling sign of a bad season for the Maroons? I certainly hope not. I’d like to give them a couple more games to have a clear gauge of their true game.

Nonetheless… GO UP! Laban UP!