Hats off to the UP Pep Squad for bagging the 2010 UAAP Cheerdance Competition crown! The Men’s Basketball team may have broken our hearts – AGAIN! – as they wounded up last with a 0 -14 win/loss card but the UP Pep Squad gave us something to cheer for with their very gutsy showing.

Vid courtesy of onnybengan

Vid courtesy of aamonces

The UP PEP Squad’s superb performance is a beauty to behold. Flawless routine, snappy execution, A+ showmanship. Plus cheering with your fellow isko/iska (even if you don’t know them) made the experience more enjoyable. Every centavo spent was truly worth it!

Thank you UP PEP for another year of bragging rights. Thank you for always making us proud. Thank you!



#sentisabado madness

September 6, 2010

Last Saturday, Sept. 4, Pinoy tweeps had a sort of a trip down memory lane as they reminisced their childhood years from the 1970s to the early 1990s over Twitter via hash tag #sentisabado (sentimental Saturday). #sentisabado became a trending topic on Twitter  around 6PM as Pinoys tweet about their past-times, popular TV shows, movies, home appliances, and just about anything and everything associated with their childhood.

This Twitter event was initiated by Tonyo Cruz, a popular blogger and journalist.

I joined the fun too. Very nostalgic kasi at sobrang nakakamiss how life back then was soooo simple.  And I thought of putting my entries here:

I remember how my brother and I used to scavenge for coins at home to buy bottles of Coke so we can exchange it for POGS.  The Coke’s tansan or crown could be exchanged for 3 POGS. More tansans were needed for a Slammer – a POG made of fiber glass (?). We got so hooked that our addiction made us drink Coke everyday as if it was water. lol

I am a Nintendo baby, and will always be. I would be forever thankful for our mom for buying us our first ever gaming console: a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) aka Family Computer (Famicom). The first time I laid my eyes on a NES game – it was either Super Mario Brothers or Galaga – I thought the moment was magical lol. My brother and I played NES games for hours and if a game did not boot properly, our primary solution was to hipan or blow into the bottom of the cartridge. Whoever discovered it is a genius; after blowing, the game  would already load perfectly.

Ten-twenty, Chinese garter, and one-by-one: these are all physical games which involve the use of a garter. Flexibility, coordination, endurance, and persistence are the keys to winning and I’d like to believe I was one of the most sought-after players lol. I was one of those girls who played these games with my classmates before and after class and even during break times! That was why I always got scolded by our house helper because every time she did the laundry, she  noticed how dirty my white socks were.

From dirty socks to dirty hands. When we looked for a not so stressful game to play, we play jackstone. I used to easily make my way past the boring round (toss the ball into the air, get one, two, three stars etc. (depending on the level), and get the ball) and onto the exhibition round.The exhibition round is exciting to play – you get to invent any stunt as long as it looks different.

The most stupid exhibition stunt is MILO. There is really nothing challenging about this stunt: toss the ball, hand spell M, get the ball, toss the ball, get the star, get the ball. Ang boring! My favorite stunt is ‘around the world.’ And falling star. Kapag nagpapasikat, double falling star pa!

One of the simplest but most challenging games. Dun na-develop ang talas ng mga mata ko sa pag-spot ng mga gumalaw na stick kapag tumitira ang kalaban! hahaha

Not all things back then were handed in a silver platter. If you want something, sometimes you have to innovate. I’m not sure if uso na noon yung ready-made bubbles na sinasabit na lang basta sa leeg yung lalagyan. Before we used to look for gumamela (hibiscus flower), grind its leaves, mix the oily substance from the leaves with water and soap, and voila, may bubbles ka na! My bubble blower is a very flexible walis tingting. lol

No matter how awkward the steps were, Universal Motion Dancers’ The Butterfly Dance to the tune of “Always” was a certified hit.

Who doesn’t remember the theme song of Sineskwela – a school on the air  science TV program?

Bawat bata may tanong, ba’t ganito? ba’t ganon?

Hayaang buksan ang isipan, sa Science o Agham

Tayo na sa Sineskwela, tuklasin natin ang Siyensya

Buksan ang pag-iisip, tayo’y likas na scientist

Tayo na sa sineskwela, tuklasin natin ang Siyensya

Kinabukasan ng ating bayan, siguradong makakamtam

Kaya habang maaga mag-aral ng Siyensya

Sa teknolohiya ang buhay ay gaganda ahhhhh

Watching Sineswela and Mathinik (another SOA TV program on Math) used to be my ritual to pump myself up for school. lol

This is one of my favorite cartoons of all time, along with Remi and Akazukin Chacha. Gusto ko din yung lyrics nito!

Si Julio at Julia

Kambal ng tadhana

Di susuko, sa pagsubok

Pom poms is my first ever favorite chichiria. It is the second-rate local version of Cheese Curls, next to Jack n Jill’s Chiz Curls. Sold for just 50 cents, Pom poms tastes really good talaga, and well, super cheesy lol. Back then if you have P10 in your pocket, you can already buy yourself an 8 oz Coke for P6 and 8 pcs. Pom poms for merienda. Sulit na sulit!

TGIS and GIMIK were the two most popular teen-oriented shows in the late 90s. It was Joaqui and Peachy vs Ricky and Dianne. Since 6 or 7, I was already a Kapamilya so I used to watch GIMIK more than TGIS. Besides, Rico Yan (the actor who played the character of Ricky) was my biggest celeb crush talaga noon. hehe

But I think TGIS was more of a hit back then. It was so phenomenal that a group running for positions in the student council in our school ran under a party named after the show. During the meeting de avance, majority of the students screamed their hearts out when the TGIS  candidates were introduced lol.  And as proof of their popularity, they fcking swept the elections! Nakakaloka lol!

Before it was a tradition for the kids my age to watch the Halloween special of Magandang Gabi Bayan just for the thrill of being frightened. The old woman who always played the role of a white lady really scared the hell out of me.  Other stories like people possessed, tikbalang, dwende etc seemed to be the usual topics year after year after year but heck, nakakatakot pa din! lol

There is an innate desire for most kids to feel popular. It may be through their skills, talents, acads, or sometimes, material things. When I was in grade school, stroller school bags and shoes with three red lights became a fad and so I tried to convince my mom into buying me these. She bought me these naman and so for a brief moment, I felt sikat as my friends always took notice of me because of my new things. hehehe ang babaw!

Hay, kisses. It’s not the Hershey’s chocolate but the tiny multi-colored transparent circular rubber thing that smell so good. We used to wrap them in a cotton and house them inside a film canister. It was believed that kisses can get pregnant and replicate. We even used a nail cutter for the operation. Normal delivery or cesarean? lol

I used to sell kisses in class when I was in first grade. So yeah, kisses was the first to bring out the entrepreneur in me hahaha

During New Year’s eve, it became a habit for us to tune in to 101.9 to catch the top 100 songs of the year. My favorite DJ back then was Martin D. lol

Ghost Fighter was a hit when I was in fourth grade. Most of my girl classmates were head over heels for Dennis – the long-haired dude who really looks like a girl. My crush btw was Vincent. hehe

I have fond memories of Rin-bee, another favorite chichiria of mine when I was a child. I was so happy when my mom bought me this. Sobrang sarap at sobrang daming laman talaga!

I think these were the two shows that I first learned to watch ever. Sa black and white TV pa namin yun.

This was arguably the most popular love triangle in the 90s. I was Team Rico; our house helper was Team Wowie. I am not sure but I think Judy Ann got paired up with Wowie more often than she was with Rico Yan so mas madaming times na kinilig yung helper namin kesa sa kin. hahaha

I was made to believe that the white portion (bread bun) of siopao is made from cat’s meat. And every cat I saw back then was a stray one – yeah those dirty ones in the street. So if you were going to treat me a siopao that time, thanks but no thanks.