October 31, 2010

Just came home with the fam from Forest Lake, the place where my mom has been laid to rest. This is kind of a unique experience for me; this is actually the first time I went to a memorial  park during All Saints’ Day. And how it sucks that it was my mom whom I first visited.

Ten months have passed since my dear mom left us. I remember what an old friend, who lost his dad in 2006, used to tell me. That you will never move on. You will just get used to not having your loved one around you anymore. That you will just get used to the pain. But you will never ever move on. Kind of true. He has a point.

The first month of the -ber months is nearly over and Christmas is fast approaching. You know what sucks? It is during this time when going home after work, you see those lanterns hanging in the neighborhood. Houses decorated with bright Christmas lights… as if reminding you every freaking day that this would be the first time you will celebrate Christmas without a mom.

That’s another first. And probably, the hardest one to face.