This post is long overdue. I admit that I have been very lazy posting an entry. I promised before not to let a month pass by without a single blog post. And now, being a procrastinator – and a good one at that – I’m now cramming to post something here.  So here it goes.

Ang haba ng intro lol

So it’s a start of a brand new year. And this gives me a chance to do something I failed to do in 2010.

The past year, like I said in my previous blog post, was a tragic and life-changing one. It was the year when I lost the person I dearly love. Before that, I used to be the 23 year old who acts like a teenager then suddenly, I became this person who has to act and think way beyond her years for the sake of her little sisters.

One year has passed since that fateful day and I must say that the person whom I should be is still a work in progress. And this year presents me an opportunity to be better.

So Lord Jesus Christ, please help me this year. And kindly send my warm hugs to mama up there.