So after more than two years of patiently waiting, browsing though PinoyDVD forum, and saving up, my kuya and I were fortunate enough to be able to finally replace (and retire) our 12 year old standard TV and replace it with a new one – the Samsung PS51D450 plasma TV.

We bought the TV for Php 40,000 at Sights & Sounds (SnS) located at the 4th Level of Shangri-la Plaza in Mandaluyong City. At this price, this 51″ plasma TV is our best purchase to date. Few years ago, TVs of this size were sold for more or less a hundred thousand. 40K could only get you a nice 32 inch TV. Thanks to a tight competition, manufacturers have been lowering the prices, thus making flat TVs very, very affordable.

Anyway, I do have an untrained eye when it comes to scrutinizing display devices so you may want to take this blog post with a grain of salt. Hehe.

PS51D450, one of the entry level plasma TVs introduced by Samsung this year, is only an HD ready TV (it’s 1365 x 768 in resolution) but for the great price, I’m not complaining. The difference between this and a full HD TV is hardly noticeable, basing from what I saw in the SnS showroom.

Video quality for me is 8.5/10. We have not calibrated the TV yet but I can say that the TV displays great colors and more importantly, gorgeous blacks.

Also, the USB connectivity feature is very useful considering that we have not bought a network media tank yet (another project we need to save up for!). I just plug in my external hard drive to the USB port at the back of the TV and I can play almost all media files I have!

However, when it comes to screen reflection, PS51D450 is no exception. The ideal set up is to place it in a room where lighting can be controlled. We have a pretty much bright living room and I can see myself in the screen while watching TV hehe. But that’ okay. I’m learning how to deal with it. Besides, we’re planning to rearrange the living room once we already have a new TV rack for the baby (we’re using our center table as a temporary rack hehe).

See the blankets hanging in the window? Hehe

Overall, so far, so good. I got a few Blu-ray and DVD -rip titles here and played it. Here are the sample photos:

NOTE: Photos are taken using my crappy Android phone. Doesn’t give justice to the picture quality of the TV hehe.

Avatar (Blu-ray copy)


Kung Fu Panda (DVD rip copy)


The Holiday (Blu-ray copy)


Limitless (Blu-ray copy)

Great fine details @ 2nd pic!

Chuck *

*Quality isn’t even DVD rip but is the best available copy I saw. Chuck, BTW, is one of the best TV series ever. Hehe.

No trace of green trails  (so called “phosphor lag”) during action sequence!

Re normal cable TV viewing. We’re currently subscribed to SkyCable, the analog cable TV broadcast so we already expected poor video quality (too grainy/noisy). There are still channels though that are still very watchable and decent enough.

This one is surprisingly of good quality.