I used to own a DSLR before but had to sell it because: 1) The gear was too heavy and big for an everyday camera; 2) Didn’t have time anymore to join photoshoots: 3) I simply lost the passion; and 4) I was funding a new project.

Now the time came that I was able to raise funds for a new camera, and I guess I’m pretty much upbeat with dabbling with this hobby again. Fortunately, there’s a new camera format which addresses the portability issue and at the same time offers image quality which can be at par with what DSLRs offer.  It’s called micro 4/3.

And so I decided to pull the trigger for a Panasonic Lumix G3. Would have went for an Olympus EP3 if budget was not an issue. Price- and feature-wise though, the G3 is probably the best bang-for-the-buck m4/3 camera in the market today.

The package I got is a white Panasonic G3 body with 14-42mm and 45-200mm zoom lenses for 39k. But I’m planning to sell the 45-200mm lens to fund a new lens purchase (20mm f/1.7!).

Can’t wait to go out and shoot with this baby! 🙂


Santa came early this year

December 18, 2011

Fresh from the oven:

Bought some stuff over at Amazon during the Black Friday sale where I got pretty good deals. Some of the items I bought were: Sansa Clip Zip, two Timex watches, vitamins, and gift items. Could have been more kung may budget pa ko!

Anyway, it was my first time to shop at Amazon and this won’t definitely be the last. They deliver top-notch customer service!

I had the items shipped here in the Philippines via Johnny Air Cargo. Paid 2.6k for shipping. Seems expensive but considering the money I saved from buying at Amazon rather than getting the items here, pwede na din.

Someone’s a happy camper right now!